In a time when music means disposable technology and slick marketing, what's the most daring thing you can do? Turn back the clock. Dig into the roots of when music was first electrified, to unearth the treasures of heritage quality and tone that identify and define a player and his sound.

Define Your Sound

Tone, pure and simple.

There's no hiding behind a Revival Amplifier. It brings the player to a new level of expertise—not by demanding perfection, but by demanding intentionality. Revival Amps parallel their vintage predecessors with a sound that comes out unfiltered, uncolored, and uncontrived. 

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a new level of expertise

A collaboration between Grammy-winning artist Drew Shirley of Switchfoot, gear wizard Eric Berns, and connoisseur of the arts and creative design Scott White, Revival Amps is bringing back the raw power and tonal purity that rock and roll was built on. 

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Unparalleled Quality 

from military-grade tube sockets and hand-soldered point-to-point wiring, to an all-chrome chassis, custom leather handle, and a striking aesthetic. We see the line as an amp revival, the NEW Vintage, bringing back the purity and richness of raw, honest tone with craftsmanship that is built to stand the test of time. 

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